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I needed to have an active and healthy lifestyle but didn't know where to begin

As a childhood cancer survivor, it was critical to learn about nutrition and exercise to reduce the risk of long-term effects from the chemo but had I no idea where to begin.

Turns out, I wasn't alone.

I've worked with hundreds of women over 20+ years (since 1997) who also wanted to feel better, have more energy, and enjoy life but who didn't know where to start.

My tools of growth are compassion and empathy to motivate and challenge you to take the steps you need to feel like your energized self.


and although I start in the driver seat, you'll eventually take the wheel and drive as you move toward a healthier lifestyle with me being your co-pilot and cheering you on.

To help you with your nutrition goals, I provide realistic and sustainable options (which doesn't mean spending your precious Saturday mapping out an entire week of eating).

We'll also break through the million-dollar diet marketing machine that has been feeding you BS about fads and diets that don't work long term.

Utilizing my 2nd Nature System Framework, we'll create awareness around what is keeping you stuck and implement actions to move you toward a sustainable energized lifestyle.

I've combined my years of experience to create my signature program where I teach the 2nd Nature Systems designed specifically to help women have abundant energy every day with ease so it feels like second nature.

If a custom exercise program is what you're looking for, my 20+ years of personal training experience, as well as pilates, yoga, and specific corrective exercise training allows me to design specialized top-notch programs for you to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and overall fitness to reduce aches and pains and help you move without thought so you have more energy to focus on living instead of cringing when you get up and down.

My mission is to help women just like you who are frustrated with feeling tired (despite following all the rules) go from stuck to sustainable and have the energy to enjoy the best years of your life.

after working with women for over 20 years

..., I understand that you are busy and tired which is why I created a system to make an energized life feel like second nature instead of another chore on the checklist

Let's work together!


Movement made simple

Afraid that exercise is going to do more harm than good? Know you should get moving but don't know where to start? If you're unsure what would be best for you and are struggling to get started, I will create workouts based upon your specific needs (with injuries or other health concerns in mind) and we'll go through it together so you know it'll be effective and you won't have to worry if you're doing it right.


Have a partner in your pocket

Energized eating isn't counting calories or points or macros. It's learning how to fuel your body so you have the energy to be productive and still feel great.

If you're tired of counting points or tired of an unsupportive app, then having a real person that you can reach out to for help is for you.


Go from stuck to sustainable

A comprehensive program created specifically to move you from stuck to sustainable so you can enjoy an active and fulfilling life.

This isn't about reaching your goals in 30 days but about maintaining your goals for life.

This program is best suited for those who want structure & accountability (and not another lifeless app).


Grab My 5 SIMPLE steps to Boost Energy


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